Noah, the Ark, and the Animals as Church

Considerably prior to the release of the movie Noah (which qualifies as the worst I have seen in a long time – perhaps ever), I used the framework of that story to talk about Church and how we should be toward one another.  It was prompted by a person who wanted her particular church to take a public position in support of gun control, but it’s not about gun control.  It expresses the idea that Church ought to be a safe place where all are supported, regardless of what they have to say in the outside world.  If we cannot continue to walk together, we are not loving one another, and if we fail to love, we fail to live as Jesus commands.

One priest said to me, “This sermon ought to be preached in every church in the diocese.”

The Ark as Church (preached at St. Christopher Episcopal Church, Charleston, West Virginia, February 17, 2013)

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Kent Higgins

Fr. Kent is an Episcopal Priest in the Diocese of West Virginia. He functions primarily as a supply priest, but also serves as Dean of the Kanawha Deanery. He was ordained deacon December 16, 2006 and priest June 16, 2007. He is married and the father of two grown sons. Fr. Kent retired from his "day job" in August, 2014.