Sermon: The Loneliest Night of the Year

It came to me recently that Christians miss the real meaning of Easter for two reasons: 1) we know that it happened and that we will celebrate it, and 2) we don’t experience Holy Saturday.

That night between Good Friday and Easter was – for the disciples – a time of deep despair.  They knew Jesus was dead and buried.  They did not know that Easter was coming.  This sermon explores that thought.

Delivered (in this form) at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, Charleston, WV, and in forms modified to fit the calendar at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, St. Albans, WV, and Ascension Episcopal Church, Hinton, WV.  (One of the benefits of being a supply priest and working with different congregations is that sermons can be modified and reused!)

04122015 St Matthews Easter II