The Magnetic Church in West Virginia

Andy Weeks returned to the Diocese of West Virginia this past Friday and Saturday (April 4-5, 2008) when he presented his Magnetic Church at the Memorial Church of the Good Shepherd in Parkersburg. Almost 100 persons from 31 churches registered for the session, which is remarkable for a diocese of our size. I first heard Andy two years ago, and his presentation, which was good then, has gotten better. He has an entertaining way of telling you to stop doing the things you have been doing and to start doing the things that will make your church a truly welcoming place.

You can find more information at I recommend Andy, who loves the Episcopal Church of which we are members, and yet remembers that Jesus called us all to be his followers. Christian first, Episcopalian second. Getting things in the right order helps!

Worthy of Remembrance

The Charleston, West Virginia, Scottish Rite Temple invited me to provide after-dinner remarks for their annual remembrance of deceased members. Wth the event falling in the week of the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I found myself talking about how his remembrance compares to others in our lives.

Dr. King is now remembered in The Episcopal Church’s Lesser Feasts and Fasts, but I found myself remembering two saints who will never make the book, although each is remembered in her own way.

For another comment on the power of remembrance, see

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