More Letters from Hell – With Apologies to C. S. Lewis

It is probably essential that you have some familiarity with The Screwtape Letters in order to “get” this posting, but in case you don’t have the time, understand that this is one part of a correspondence between two devils who are, in this case, trying to subvert the church.

I wrote this piece as therapy after hearing the Episcopal Bishop of Pittsburgh, Bob Duncan, say in a radio interview something like “They [referring, I thought, to me] seem to think that revelation is on-going.” Silly me, I didn’t realize that God had told some people that His revelation was over. It left me wondering roughtly when that happened. I was willing to settle for the century if the exact date was not readily available. Was Nicea in or out? It is my belief that “the current unpleasantness” within the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion will finally be resolved when we stop judging one another. I think that’s one of the messages of the story of Eden. What a wonderful world if we did the work God wishes us to do and left the judging to Him.

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